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Why Purchase from SEXDOLLDIY?

High Quality

With medical silicone and TPE material, metal skeleton and flexible joints for many positions, we ensure safely human use.

Lifelike Doll

Realistically shaped by professional sculptor, every detail such as face, body, and hole is made with your pleasure in mind.

Up To 50% Off

Sales directly from the manufacturer with most cost-effective. free-shipping worldwide. Promotional price is even up to 50%.

Quick Response

Start making sex doll for you within 8 hours after payment, Inquiry by chat box any time or get an Email reply within 4 hours.

Privacy Protection

Order information is encrypted. Confidential parcel shipment. No product details on the parcel, just as a mysterious gift.

Reliable Express

With DHL, UPS, FedEx and special express delivery channels, it will be fast, stable, safe to arrive at your door in 7-15 days.

Why Should You Purchase A Real Sex Doll?

Sex Dolls – Real Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have transformed since they were first made. The maker of the toy admired her so much that he bathed these real sex dolls, fed her, slept with her, and also used her which later began to be known as sex dolls. With time, they have changed the way they looked and today, countless men are accepting them more than before.

Silicon Sex dolls / Real Sex Doll Features

Make Love With The Real Sex Dolls

Add a spice to your life with the Silicon sex dolls

How Good Are Sex Toys For Stimulating Your Sexual Life?

Various purposes

Can the Sex Dolls substitute an actual companion?

How many times does the black clothing worn by the doll be washed, and how long does it take to completely stain?

Soak the laundry detergent for 10 minutes to see if the water has color. In addition, you can use the split to do the dyeing test. Generally, there is no color in the water, so it will not be dyed. However, the washing powder that has been washed in a new clothes has no color, so it can be done without washing 5-6 times.

Will white cloth dye the doll?
The white color will not be dyed, the color will be dyed, and the colored color will be dyed on the body.

Is the doll easy to dye?

Generally, look at the clothes. If the clothes themselves are not dyed, they will not be dyed. If you are afraid of dyeing, it is recommended to wear anti-staining primers or wear light-colored clothes.

About dolls, dark clothing dyeing problems?

Usually do not wear dark clothes for a long time, the doll can be light, it does not matter, the underwear is recommended to prepare white is better.

Do you not have to worry about this problem when you wear a bottoming shirt? Can the clothes be worn for a long time? Is it not stained when the clothes are washed? Even if it is dark, it can be worn all the time. Will it be dyed?

General insurance points, clothes are bought and rubbed with a warm white wet cloth. As long as there is a little color, it is necessary to wash it or wear it for a long time. Bottom clothing is worn, if you can guarantee to cover the whole body of the doll in the future, there is no problem~ Be careful, dyed super painful... Don’t wear it even if it doesn’t fade, don’t be afraid of 10,000, especially The areas where knees and ass are often rubbed are the most susceptible to dyeing.

How to care for wigs?
You can use shampoo, then apply some conditioner, it will be softer.


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