Notice to buyers shopping

Since the doll is a special product with a higher unit price and customized goods, we strongly recommend you and the courier to sign for it in person in consideration of a series of factors such as safety and hygiene. If you find the doll damaged, please reject it immediately. Once signed and receiving, storing the default value is no quality problems, cannot be returned, signed and received functional products, found the quality problem, pictures in 2 hours, please contact our customer service, we can according to you feedback to verity and give a reasonable solution, confirmed as quality problem, commitment to free replacement. All physical dolls can be repaired free or charge, you need to pay the postage back and forth.


Matters needing attention

  1. It is forbidden to bend the limbs of the doll for a long time. Do not sit up or put in other positions, not standing style can’t stand.
  2. Do not hold the doll’s legs in a 180 degree position and do not hold the doll’s hands up.
  3. Due to the particularity of the material, it is easy to be dyed, so do not wear dark clothes.
  4. Do not use a faucet to rinse the vagina, do not wash a large area of the face.
  5. Do not use knives of other sharp objects to touch the skin in case of cutting. Do not burn in the fire and keep away from the fire source.
  6. Do not use disinfectant, alcohol or other strongly irritating liquid for disinfection and cleaning. People with allergies should take a series of material tests, such as the product’s material, before using it.


How to clean the dolls?

Suitable temperature below 40 ℃, shower gel, soap, washing powder can be cleaned. In the cleaning process, the head had better wipe with a wet towel. Neck joints should not water, otherwise easy to cause rust, effect the use and appearance. Wash directly from the neck down. The vagina and anus can be rinsed repeatedly with a configured appliance. Do not rinse the vagina directly from the faucet. There is a waterproof ball deep in the vagina and glue it to the screw. If it falls, dry the vagina with a hair dryer and glue it back on.


How to repair damage?

1.If a small part of the doll’s surface is damaged, use special glue to hold it together. Clean the broken surface, restore the glue to its original position, and apply a layer of glue evenly. After about half an hour, it will become dry and hard. No repair of other problems, please do not apply for refund, shoot good video contacts us, we will provide specific solutions according to your specific situation.

2.the skin of the dolls is cracked and damages in different degrees. Please stop using it immediately and repair it effectively as soon as possible. See the first repair method. If there is large area or serious damage, please do not repair it directly. Please contact us after shooting video. We will provide specific solutions according to the specific situation of your doll, or return it to our store for repair.


What’s the difference between TPE and silicone?

The dolls made of TPE is more life-like, whose skin is softer and more stretchable. It has stronger durability. It can be easily repaired if damaged and it is chemically neutral to many substances.


What can you benefit from a doll?

A beloved doll is your constant companion that help you drive away your loneliness. It can be customized according to your desires.

All our dolls have a flexible and fully articulated skeleton that will allow them to perform a wide range of poses. You can use them in any position you ever imagined. All our dolls have been sculptured by experience sculptors and created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. Love dolls are great to hang out with; they will be loyal and always listen to you. They can also help you living those sexual adventures you were dreaming about.

Some customers also use sex dolls for photography, fashion and modeling.